Friday, June 13, 2008

The Gas Hike is a Tax Hike, kids

I tire of hearing about how we need to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts.

Look, I appreciate it. I do. The fact is, it's been really nice for me the last few years. And I know that by pulling for Obama, I'm painting a big red target on my ass and wallet. That's fine.

I'd rather have a government I believe in and pay a little extra, than this nonsense.

But enough with the "Democrats are going to raise your taxes" crap, and this gas holiday stupidity.

Gas has gone up two dollars a gallon. 30 bucks a tank, really. And it's gone up because of the policies of this administration - whether it's a hike in the barrel price because of policy, or a hike in the barrel price to offset the weak dollar.

Any hike in prices caused by the government can be construed as a tax. The only difference is that your 30 bucks per tank isn't going to roads, or schools, or health care, or social security. It's going to an oil conglomerate.

Considering the fact that Bush and Chaney were two formal oil men, that this is going on is ignorance at best, criminal at worst.

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