Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just because evil doesn't believe it's evil doesn't mean it's not evil.

I read a lot of comic books. The thing to know about comics is this - the heroes are only as good as their villains.

And the good villains don't see themselves as evil, they see themselves as right.

Lex Luthor - feels that the idea of a superman is making humanity weak.
Galactus - Is a force of nature, like a Hurricane. Eats entire planets because that's the way of the universe.

I could go on. Honestly, I really could. I read a lot of comic books.

But to me - the best stories involve two sides that see themselves as completely and utterly on the correct side of an issue. It's then up to the reader to root for the right side.

I don't think our current administration is a comic book super villain. I don't think they wake up in the morning and scream "And now, I will destroy the world. SO SWEARS DOOM!"

But evil is, and has been done, by people I trusted and done in my name.

38 years of reading comic books - I would much rather root for the good guys.

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