Monday, June 9, 2008

Who I am, and why I'm here

I'm a registered republican.

When the towers fell, I rallied around the flag and I rallied around my President.

When the war started, I believed.

I'm a member of the Hollywood Republicans, and I will remain there, even if I get knocked off their "Good" list.

But I'm a centrist, who more often than not leaned to the right and registered my affiliation accordingly.

I've always known there were Evangelicals in my party who I had big disagreements with, but I'm also the part of an interfaith marriage. I don't have to be surrounded by people that are Xeroxes of me to enjoy being in a group.

And yet here I am - changing groups.

Not just because of the war, or the economy, or Katrina, or the dozens of other things that depress me about this administration. At some point, every President and his administration disappoints. And then they have to be held accountable.

And when they disappoint on such a massive level, they need to be held massively accountable. And in a democracy, the only way to do that, is with your vote.

This site won't be fancy: I don't know how to code.

There will be days it's completely inactive, because I'm not an activist, and I have stuff to do.

But if you're like me... welcome. And if you share the Point of View, and you want to post, or author, or whatever... Shoot me an Email.

And at least for me, in 2008, while I will keep my party affiliation, I am voting to send a message: If your base is close to the center, and you shift your tent way to the right, your base is no longer in the tent.

But I didn't leave the tent. The tent left me.

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