Monday, June 9, 2008

WTC Conservatives

So... I consider myself a WTC Conservative.

A World Trade Center conservative.


Back in 2001, I was the host and executive producer of a show called "Pop Across America," for "The New TNN." It was a talk show that went from town to town on a big flatbed truck.

I played guitar with Bo Diddly. Poorly, by the way, because I don't play guitar. But still - that was pretty cool.

We went from city to city with a big red, white and blue truck and parked it in iconic locations around the country, folded the truck open like Optimus Prime and did an hour long talk show from wherever we parked.

Two things put a daggar into that show.

One, it aired after wrestling. Nobody wants to see some lanky comedian blather on about the wonders of Pittsburgh after watching guys beat the crap out of each other with chairs.

Two, nobody wanted to be a part of a show that parked a big red, white and blue anything in front of "hard targets" (ie, landmarks) right after 9/11.

We were in Witchita, Kansas - the entire crew - when the first tower was hit. We all thought it was an accident until the second one, and then... we stopped trying to be funny.

That explosion blew me right. And I stayed there for quite a few years.

That being said, it's not complacency that moved me over to the left again... I feel like I'm pretty close to where I was on 9/12... but the right moved more rightward, the government moved in a direction I didn't believe in, and the country shifted in a way I didn't like.

Time hasn't given me distance to forget... it's given me a perch for perspective. I no longer like the big picture I'm seeing.


athenivanidx said...

hey there, how about starting a blog at wordpress for this? They can do group blogs.....that way people can post their own stories about being republicans but being Probama at the same time. Obamacans is what they are called....

Anyone coming across this site, who is either an Obamacan or Obama democrat or independent, might do Mr. Marmel a favour and link to this site from their blogs. the more coverage this gets, the greater chances that Obamacans will want to post their own stories or at least comment on this blog. I will certainly link to this blog from my blog

The Integral

Steve said...


I have had the WORST experience with Wordpress. I use it for, and I haven't figured out the Mac-To-Wordpress bugs yet...

I fear I'll just have to let comments allow other repubs for now. Hopefully, one of those sites will allow me in...