Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scarlet Johansson needs to shut it.

This, from Politico.

Actress has a crush on Obama
By: Jeffrey Ressner
June 10, 2008 07:45 PM EST

Every presidential candidate can use a sexy blond movie star to liven up his or her campaign, appear at big money events and rally the entertainment community. Sen. Barack Obama’s go-to Hollywood hottie is Scarlett Johansson, a starlet who trades frequent e-mails with the presumptive Democratic nominee, campaigns tirelessly on his behalf, hosts lucrative fundraisers and even appeared in that “Yes We Can” viral video that got 10 million views in its first week online.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of a backlash. “Even I’m wary of celebrity endorsements,” Johansson told Politico on Friday. “I don’t want to seem like I’m holier than thou. We all have the same right to vote and, especially in this technical age where we all can broadcast our opinions, we all have the opportunity to entice others to vote.” But, she adds, “if the spotlight is on me, I might as well try to direct it on things and causes that I believe in.”

The 23-year-old actress, known for cool, quirky films such as “Ghost World,” “Match Point” and the Oscar-winning “Lost in Translation,” has been an Obama supporter for years, even before the first Democratic caucus in Iowa, and she’s made no secret of her deep devotion to the candidate. “I am engaged to Barack Obama,” she said back in January, joking with reporters after returning from a USO tour to the Persian Gulf. “My heart belongs to Barack.”



You're probably not used to being told things you don't want to hear, because you are incredibly, incredibly beautiful. This. Isn't. Interesting.

What would be awesome if you didn't splash triviality on the candidate in the process of trying to make yourself feel smarter to the public.

You wanna help? Help. You wanna be a part of it? Swell. And I believe you - you have liked Barack Obama for years. But guess what? It's a whole new game now. And it is the height of ego to try to place yourself above the story. So knock it the hell off.

Take your school girl "crush," and your desire to blather on about it in the same way somebody 13 would be excited about a new pair of shoes... and try to remember the media will love shining a light on this, the same way they will a crazy preacher, a bad night of bowling, or anything else.

You want to be Marilyn Monroe, go track down Joe DiMaggio and leave JFK alone. Okay?

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