Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am not alone.


WHAT do the daughter of Richard Nixon, a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and the son of Milton Friedman, the monetarist economist, have in common? They are all Obamacons: conservatives, Republicans and free market champions who support Barack Obama, the Democratic party nominee, for president.

The Obama campaign has a sharp-eyed political operations team tasked with seeking out prominent endorsers “on both sides of the aisle”, according to a campaign official. It came tantalisingly close to securing one of the biggest names in politics when Colin Powell, secretary of state during President George W Bush’s first term in office, said last week that he might vote for Obama.

Powell said Obama and John McCain, his Republican opponent, “have the qualifications to be president, but both of them cannot be”. He added that he would neither vote for Obama because he was African-Ameri-can nor for McCain because of his military service but for the individual who “brings the best set of tools to the problems of 21st-century America . . . regardless of party”.

“There is a good chunk of people, like myself, who believe the Republicans ought to go down in flames,” he said. “They have made a complete hash of things and they deserve to pay.”


Everybody talks about the Clinton supporters that are going for McCain... all four of them or whatever...

...but the amount of moderate conservatives who feel as though the party has shifted to the right, and moved the tent away - we're a much larger demographic.

My gut tells me that the democrats would rather have a throng of people like me voting for Obama, than a handful of spiteful Hillary supporters that will vote for McCain in 2008 so she can run in 2012, and plan to stay home on election night watching "Murder She Wrote" reruns.

Yeah, that's right. I went there. :)

- Steve
Another Republican For Barack.

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